Sweet friends

My sweet friend Robert Blackhorn has been a source of inspiration to me for quite a while. He runs a blog NOT IN MY WORLD which started off small but is growing into a big circle of caring hearts.

Each time I come in contact with Robert, I am sure to take home something that inspires me. The last thing I got from him came in a comment he left in my box. He promised to send Mr. Pintowski to me. I do not know what this means but what is important is the thoughts that immediately came to my mind and that gave birth to this poem:

Sweet friends

I have a lot of sweet friends;
Who like to do some sweet things;
To make my heart a sweet heart;
Are you among my sweet friends?
Who do a lot of sweet things?
To make the world a sweet place?
For ours will be a sweet world;
If we can do the sweet things;
To make the world a sweet place.

I love this poem and very heartily thank my secret inspirer who though separated from me by thousands of kilometers continues to touch my heart and life in a very special way as do many of the friends that I have been led by a lucky star to meet on the blogosphere. If you find time, don’t hesitate to check on Robert and see the marvelous work he is doing for the world with his circle of friends.

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