From A,B,C to literary giants

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Take us to school with your photos this week, and show us some ABCs.

I am sure when you see the literary giants of the English language you hardly think of where they are coming from. They all passed what you passed through. The difference between them and the majority is they worked harder and persisted when difficulties arose.

When we start language learning (English and French, the ones I know), the first thing that we are taught is the alphabet. This is also called the A, B, C. It takes quite a while to know the A,B,C.

As we learn to recognize and write them, we also learn to pronounce them. Next, the letters are used to form words. It is a step by step process. From this we move on to sentences, paragraphs and compositions.

A few years after that humble beginning, those who work hard and persist find themselves shining.

Did Shakespeare, Chinua Achebe, George Orwell, Mark Twain Wole Soyinka, Charles Dickens and Jane Austin and other literary giants pass through this? Yes, of course.

No one flies to the top in life who has not come from the bottom. No one is born and they just succeed. You cannot walk without crawling. After crawling, you walk and the you can run. If you want to, you can fly.

Success in life follows the same pattern. Many people go into business and think they should fly on day one. They cannot fly on day one. They have go through the stages of crawling, walking and running before flying. A plane doesn’t just take off. The engine is started. It takes time to get warm. Then the plane taxis on the run way before it takes wing.

Start by learning the A, B, Cs of whatever you want to do. Progress surely and steadily through every stage. Persist. Things will not be easy. If you work hard enough and long enough, I have no thread of doubt that you will come out on top as the men and women who start like every other person with the alphabet and end as literary giants.

10 thoughts on “From A,B,C to literary giants

  1. Excellent thoughts here, Ngobesing! I have fun helping and watching my grandson learn his ABC’s…it is definitely a process that takes lots of practice 🙂

  2. So, so inspirational. These are deep nuggets of truth that many ought to know, understand and walk by them! More grease to your writing elbow!

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  4. I often hear “as simple as ABC”. Yes, its as as simple as that. Unfortunately for many, there are no two ways. Those who thought they could do it another way most often ended up badly and remained there until they learned to do it the right way , the SIMPLE way. Its a great read.

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