No computer addict

If someone tells you I am
To the computer addicted;
That I cannot make a day
Without a computer,
They are wrong;
Dead wrong;
I love the computer;
That is true.
I spend much time on the web;
And write and publish,
All the times;
But I am no addict.
Without the computer,
Life continues;
Though hard,
It will not come to an end.

Life After Blogs
Your life without a computer: what does it look like?


12 thoughts on “No computer addict

  1. I agree Ngobesing Romanus that life would go on even without computers for most people and for most living things on Earth, but I do not think that life would go on for everyone; most, but not everyone. πŸ˜‰

    -John Jr

  2. I won’t say I’m addicted per se, but I can’t get by in my day without a computer. I’m beginning to dislike emails, not the sender, but the heavy bolded line of an unread email. πŸ™‚ No one uses a telephone anymore. Telephone? What’s that? A heavy paperweight that holds the desk in place. For every 7 or 8 emails, I could’ve had just one conversation. Thanks for your post. I always enjoy coming to visit you. Have a pleasant night. It’s 8:56PM where I live.

    • I saw this two hours after you sent it at 5 am. Meaning you sent it at 3 am my local time. Your 9 pm is my 3 am. It makes a difference of six hours. If you are up now it should be about 22 0r 23 pm. Thanks for your comment and for fast becoming such a sweet friend. Lol!

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