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Bloggers’ Solidarity Support Forum





As an introduction to enable you better appreciate this forum, go here.

Vision: To become a forum in which bloggers support one another and enjoy seeing their blogs grow beyond their imaginations through mutual support.

Theme: “Support others to grow and receive support from others to grow.”

Slogan: “Support me I support you.”

Starting date: Monday 8 February 2016.

Rules: You register to participate. Registration is ongoing. You can join at any time.

ACTIVITY 1: Everyday, Monday to Friday, Blogs and bloggers of the day are selected among the participants and published on this site.

Every participant reads, supports and encourages the blogs or bloggers of the day through: like, comment, share, reblog, tweet etc.

The bloggers of the day, return the likes and comments.

This is like joining hands to contribute money  ( like, comment, share reblog, tweet ) and giving to one person for the day.

After they have received, they are obliged to pay back  ( like, comment, share, tweet etc). This goes on everyday (Monday to Friday) with new blogs and bloggers of the day, until the challenge ends.

When it ends, it starts again and continues. Once you join the forum you become a permanent member until you withdraw.

Members are encouraged to stay in solidarity as much as possible. If you finish reading the  posts from the blogs of the day, and want to read more posts, you are encouraged to stay within the circle of the forum. We are building a powerful support community – “Help me I help you.”

This forum is your blogging bank. You deposit your money in a credible bank, don’t you?  If it has credible bankers and customers, if you know your money will be well managed and it will bring profit, that is the best place for your money. You will bank there. This is what this forum wants to be to bloggers – a credible blogging bank for all bloggers.

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  1. Okila James says:

    Hi everyone! I discovered today the opportunity to join this community. I like the concept of bloggers supporting each other. Please register me. Okila is my name and my blog is

  2. andy says:

    I would like to know what you think. Thank you

  3. I would love to join! Here’s my site:

  4. AnithaPeter says:

    I would love to join this! Please sign me up! Is where I blog at.

  5. I would like to sign up. My name is James and I blog at
    Thank you 🙂

  6. Sign me up! My blog is 😉

  7. I like this idea! I wanna give it a shot. My name is Megha and my blog is

  8. Naema says:

    Hello there!
    I would love to be a part of this! My name is Amy Kasim and I blog at: .

  9. Hi ,I would like to join Solidarity Blogger. Is Registration still open ?
    Thank you

  10. Hello, thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I would love to join., My site is Is this all I need to do to join? Thank you again!

  11. Hi that’s a great idea to know about new bloggers!!

  12. Amani Henry says:

    Hi! I’d like to sign up! is my site!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Can I register still? My site is

  14. Jane Gealy says:

    I’m liking the sound of this, sign me up!
    My blog is:

  15. Well, I have been part of Success Inspires World for almost two months. I have no idea how I missed this particular event. Count me in.

  16. musingican says:

    Hi, I like this idea! I’d like to join this too!

    My blog is:

  17. This sounds like a good idea! Would love to give it a go!
    My blog is:

  18. Hi, such an amazing concept !
    Would love to be a part of this ! 🙂
    My Blog is :

  19. We definitely need help to keep all these bright ideas going.

  20. Swati Singh says:

    Excited to be a part of this! My blog :

  21. Frank Prem says:

    I’m not sure I registered Ngobesing. Please include my site

    I will be happy to join in, where I can.

  22. Bisma Naveed says:

    Hey! I recently starting blogging a few days ago and stumbled across this blog. Blogging is not as easy as it looks and I believe this might be a good place to begin. Plus, I love the concept behind the solidarity support challenge so I’d really like to be a part of it. 🙂
    I’m Bisma and this is my blog :

  23. kittysverses says:

    I’m inspired by this idea! Could I join too. My blog is

  24. Am I too late to join?!

    My blog is 🙂

  25. N says:

    This looks interesting. I am a fairly new blogger and if this society is still active I would love to be a part of it.

    My blog-

    Thank you.

  26. kpwritesblog says:

    Hi, this is a good one. Is it active now. Couldn’t see your reply for the comments in the year of 2017. If it is active I would like to join too

  27. Hi! I would Like to register and join in solidarity support challenge
    My bloo is :

  28. asonawane17 says:

    Hi! I just stumbled across this group, and I would love to join! My blog is:

  29. Gaurav. G says:

    Hi…I want to register blog is

  30. Jessica Hugo says:

    Stumbled upon this and it is absolutely incredible! I’d love to participate. My blog is

  31. Macbofisbil says:

    I would like to register for this group. My blog is

  32. Plasma says:

    It is quite exciting and will help many. This is plasma, to inspire and get inspired.

  33. Its a great idea especially for those who have recently taken up blogging. Blog at

  34. uyjewelry says:

    Hi! I am still relatively new to WordPress and interested in participating. Thanks for this forum! My blogs are: –

  35. Hi,
    I greatly appreciate your idea as I too believe in the concept that letting others grow ultimately let us grow!So please help me to become a part of your society.
    My blog is

  36. OneAndNone says:

    Hello, I am interested in joining and reading different perspectives 🙂

  37. Sakhi says:

    I am in
    Sakhi Bansal

  38. Hi there! I would love to join! My blog is : http://www, thanks!

  39. jessc25 says:

    Hello I would love to take part; My blog is : Thank you

  40. ladycee says:

    Hello, I’d like to take part.
    My blog is

  41. Suze says:

    I would like to be a part of this. my blog is I call it obsolete childhood. I already love so many of the blogs that have registered for this and am looking forward to finding new ones to support!

    • You are welcome to the community. This community has a logo on the sidebar. Do well to place it on your sidebar for easy identification.

  42. Hi,
    My name is Ranjeeta Nath Ghai. I’m on WP as
    I love this idea and would like to join you. This way I’ll get to grow and learn plus be able to read works of other bloggers….
    Ranjeeta Nath Ghai

  43. clceline9345 says:

    hi, can i join too?????

  44. mohitgrwl70 says:

    That’s a very appreciable step taken by you to connect the bloggers. Register my blog

  45. Etoile 75005 says:

    This is an excellent idea. I wish I can join but I don’t blog that much.
    My time is tied up at school, work and family.
    I will be back when I’m ready to commit.
    More power to all of you!

    • Thank you for showing an interest. Let me also add that you can be an author on this site an publish any time you have time. It is good to get that authorship now as it may be difficult in the future. If you are interested, send you email for your invitation. Best wishes!

  46. michaeljfite says:

    I would like to take the opportunity to join the community.. My name is Michael Fite and I offer daily motivation and inspiration on my site at:

  47. Angel Strunk says:

    Hi! My name is Angel, also know as The Curvy Ginger. I would love to join, I blog at Looking forward to it!

  48. Hi people. My name is Fabio Descalzi, I am from Montevideo, Uruguay. My blog is written in Spanish and it mainly deals with literature and translation:
    Glad to join!

  49. I’d like to give it a try!
    Here is my link

  50. We’re a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community.
    Your website provided us with valuable information to
    work on. You have done an impressive job and our entire community
    will be grateful to you.

  51. TheLivingMe says:

    Hello! I would like to register:
    Adelina from
    Thanks so much this is such a great idea!

  52. samtabe says:

    great idea. count me in

  53. I would love to join! My name is Joy and my blog is .


    I check out a few at a time.. My eyes are buggin! ;p;

    Kind regards and She’s baaackkk – K

  55. sammyjenny says:

    my name is Sammy Jenny and I’ll love to join. This is my blog :
    thank you

  56. Hey there,
    Read and understood the forum rules, I’d be happy to join in the support. Could be a great way to find new blogs to read!
    My blog below:

  57. @ngobesing Romanus
    So here it is,my humble attempt in response to your shared quotes over last few weeks..sorry couldn’t post any thing ,as literally I dint know what was my mind up to..hope you ll forgive me for that..

    Thank you .. Stay blessed .. Stay happy 🙂🙂🙂

  58. rhonda moore says:

    Rhonda Moore
    I would like to participate, please include me..

  59. aleblogs4u says:

    Hello, I would love to register to your community as well. I am a blogger beginner and I would love to get and give support. My blog is Thank you

  60. Thinkdigest says:

    Wow I love this community. this resonate well with me. I’ll love to be a part of it. here’s my link
    much love, George

  61. Gloria says:

    Missed you friend. Here is my blog. I need to get back to it.

  62. Hiya i would like to register 🙂 My blog is

    • You are welcome. You are registered. I’ll introduce you to the community before the end of the day. Meanwhile, you can start to visit the other participants. Enjoy the forum!

  63. Alheri says:

    Hey! My blog is and I would love to be part!

  64. Hello my family member! I wish to say that this post is amazing, nice written and include approximately
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    this .

  65. Shivangi says:

    Hi…I am Shivangi. I would love to be a part of this forum: kindly include me too.

  66. KB Garst says:

    Hello, would I be able to register? It sounds like a wonderful opportunity! (I am so sorry, I am having trouble pasting my link)

  67. i am not on but about once per week. Though I old time pen to paper journal over my morning coffee all week long. This opportunity sounds like it would be wonderfully inspiring both ways.! Hoping you will include me.

    • It shall be a pleasure to include you. New round begins on Monday. Watch out for the post which introduces the blogs for the day and those who have newly joined.

  68. Thank you for having a place where people can support each other.
    my name is Leslie Moon and my blog is Moondustwriters Blog. I would love to participate

    • You are welcome Leslie. You shall be registered and presented officially to the community. We want to have a place of real love and support. Together, working in synergy, we can move mountains. Welcome!

  69. May I join? Deirdre Conran

  70. simplebs1010 says:

    Recently created a site on value investing. i know i am late can i still join. my site is

  71. monik gandhi says:

    My blog is on value investing. i know i am late but can i still join. My site is

  72. frenchc1955 says:

    Thank you for following my blog.

  73. quietwoman says:

    OK I would like to register. I have five blogs but the one I would like to register is called religion and my search for Truth. The address is

  74. Nam H Nguyen says:

    Hello Mr. Romanus, you are always such an enabler of us all.
    I would like to register my blog
    Thank you very much for this opportunity!

    • You are most heartily welcome.You are registered and you can start to participate already. I will introduce you to the community tomorrow.

  75. Hi I am Liza, n would love to be a part here……. Please lemme join too..

  76. I want to register. My blog is and my name is Magy

  77. jsackmom says:

    This is me thank you for the opportunity. 😊

  78. Are there any spots left? I know I’m a bit late.. my blog link is

  79. Jackie Jain says:

    WOW SIR. This is such a great initiative. A perfect stop where we can find different bloggers and new networks. I am glad to know about this. My name is Jackie Jain and I write on inspirational, philosophical topics. Also includes creative writing concepts and poetry. I want to register to this initiative, my blog site is Have a great day. Thanks. 🙂

  80. manyofus1980 says:

    Reblogged this on Therapy Bits and commented:
    Lets show our solidarity and unite and all join in this blog challenge! It will be great! X

  81. manyofus1980 says:

    Hi, my name is carol anne, i’d like to register, my blog is about my journey living with dissociative identity disorder and ptsd, i write about my therapy process, and other stuff thats going on in my life. my blog is this is a great challenge! XX

  82. Amanda says:

    Hello. I would love to participate in the 3rd round starting tomorrow.

  83. Hello, my name is Brooke, I would love to take part in this wonderful community, I am Hope to hear from you

  84. Hi, could you post the pingback instructions on the site, I am thinking the one like of postaday instructions where I could see or read all post for than challenge?

  85. Ok, now I am caught up….I am ready for tomorrow’s!

  86. Reblogged this on Annette's place and commented:
    Let us all unite!!!

  87. Margret says:

    I Don’t know if I’m too late I just found you. Thank you for visiting and liking one of my post. Your blog is very inspiring and that’s what I need.

    • You are welcome. You can join at anytime. Right away, you can visit the bloggers of the day and let them know you have joined. We’ll add your name to the list of participants. You will soon be listed as the blogger of the day. It is our joy here to help bloggers grow.

  88. Katie says:

    I also think it’s a wonderful idea!
    My name is Katie and my blog address is:

    • Thanks for joining. You can already begin to participate. The names of new members shall be published between today and Monday 22 Feb. 2016.

  89. meloheart says:

    My name is Paramita and I want to join thie activity. Here’s my blog

  90. Hello! Quick question that’s totally off topic. Do you
    know how to make your site mobile friendly? My blog looks weird when viewing from
    my iphone. I’m trying to find a theme or plugin that might be able to fix this problem.

    If you have any suggestions, please share.
    With thanks!

    • Thanks for your question. When selecting your theme, you should make sure it is a mobile friendly theme. Read about the theme before you customize it.

  91. Ngobesing !
    I feel this idea shall work. But all should understand the basic idea behind it and support one another.
    Here I have put my like to most commentators. I feel they may come to me and if they come it is half success.
    Let us wait and see.

    • Thank you Shiva. I trust the bloggers in this community. Great things sometimes have very slow beginnings. If at the start people don’t do it. Eventually they will.

  92. kiwinana says:

    I’m a bit late for this challenge, just found it thanks to you for liking one of my WordPress Prompts I wrote. Here’s my link, maybe I can join later in the year.

  93. Hi Romanus this is a great idea! I would like to be included 😉 My name is Carolina and my Blog is Thank you!

  94. kingsoracle says:

    My name is OBA . My blog is I will like to give this a try. kindly register me. Thanks

  95. r_prab says:

    Please register me for the Solidarity Challenge, sir! My name is Prabhat.My blog address is
    I am very much excited about it. Thankyou!

  96. R T Allwin says:

    I will be happy to participate to the extent my schedule allows – most days I should be able to make time:

  97. Gloria says:

    Thoughtful idea, hope there is still space for my blog: I hope that I can comply with the rules since I only have a few hours during the day to blog and read other blogs but I will try my best.

  98. Yes, please sign me up. I am concerned about my having the time to fulfill everything but here’s my blog:

  99. Amra Ismail says:

    I really love this idea. Thank you for hosting it. My name is Amra and this is the link to my blog.

  100. Deb says:

    I love this. I hope I’m not too late to join. My blog is

  101. I would love to join the solidarity support challenge. This is a great idea. My blog address is

  102. This a great challenge to connect with new bloggers, gain new blog friends, and increase blog views. I am definitely in. I would love to connect with more mom bloggers and bloggers near my age! Can’t wait to be apart of this!

  103. cjstorm says:

    Good morning, Ngobesing. I’d like to register for the Solidarity Support Challenge, CJ

  104. Great idea, I’d love to join in, thank you.

  105. lovehappily says:

    I’m in for all three community challenges. You can register me. Thanks.

  106. jade0207 says:

    Wow this is really exciting and smart tbh! Where should I sign up though?

  107. My name is Brittany, I would love to be a part of this

  108. This sounds like something right up my alley! Great networking challenge! Please include my blog it is a new blog and I am also new so a lot of work needed. I look forward to visiting other blogs. 🙂

  109. simpledimple says:

    Noble Idea. Count me in. Thanks.