The topmost part

If where you stand
Is the foot of the mountain,
And you set your mind on
Its topmost part,
The desire to get there
Burns more than anything else,
In your heart,
Although it may look impossible
If you keep on climbing,
Determined to get there,
You surely will do.

5 thoughts on “The topmost part

  1. “If you keep on climbing” <– this sentence hit me so hard. Thank you for wake me up (again)… I am about give up on my dream.. but, all I must do is.. just keep on.. Keep on!

      • Did you check out the URL link to Cameroon? Bishop Michael Jarrett is a good friend of mine, you would be interested in meeting him if you get a chance to be in that part of Cameroon. He and his wife served our little church at Lake Nordin South Dakota for a couple years. They are a swell couple dedicated their lives to serving the Lord. I know you’ll enjoy meeting them if you get the chance to. Here is that URL–vision.html

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