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Do you know that millions of people the world over are super successful through sharing? When people hear about sharing, what comes foremost to their minds is giving out without taking. Hence, many people are not warm when asked to share. Of course, they like it when sharing means giving to them.

It is important to know that sharing actually generates a lot of positive results, billions in terms of money in the world, love, good will, friendship, and saves lives.

News organizations such as CNN are super rich because they share news. They share information to the world. They give it for free don’t they? You do not pay CNN to watch their news. It’s free; but because they are sharing this freely, they are making a lot of money. They know how to make sharing generate money for them.

I want to make sharing to lift you to success in blogging. You can share something useful to people freely but if you do it intelligently, you will benefit tremendously. Thus, sharing done in a good way becomes a win-win situation.

Do you remember what I said when I was introducing the Solidarity Support Challenge? Of course, I said many things. I said we would bring creativity to bear on it. In Activity 3, we said if a post or comment by a fellow participant inspires you to write a post, you should; and make sure you cite the post in question, link back to it; and encourage fellow participants to visit the blog.

After much reflection and advice from others, I have decided that this activity can stand on its own feet. Thus, I have developed it and now call it SHARE AND GROW CHALLENGE with another dimension added to make it more interesting.

You do not need to register to participate in this one. It is open to all; and is ongoing.

I have developed this challenge based on the fact that many of you I have come across on the web are kind hearted people. You like to help others succeed or be happy or solve their problems. That may be why you blog. But now, you don’t have all the answers. Nobody does. You have some and others have some.

You come across many posts that touch you in a special way you know many of your readers may never come across them like you; so you reblog or share them. This is very good and can help bring more traffic to your site. What happens if you don’t like to reblog or share another’s post?

You can just tell people about it. You can enrich your blog by blogging on it. This challenge is out to create space for you to tell the bigger community that we are building about this post. If you just reblog it on your site and it ends there, not many people might see it. I t might not help you much. Hence, I want you to benefit from the big community that we are joining hands to build. Inform them about it. I will tell you how.

If you tell them and they see this information and link, they will come to your site to read it. Four people will benefit; the person who wrote the post, you, this site on which you shared the information and your reader who sees the link and follows it to get the information. That’s superb isn’t it?

That is not all. There is a second way. As you go about the web, you may find tips to succeed, marriage, scholarship, job opportunities, health, travel, etc. You can write a post on it. Tell your readers, in a post that you found the information useful; that it can help. You can write a poem on it.

Give the link to the post in question so that people can go there and read it. When you are done with writing and publishing, come to Success Inspirer and go to the most recent posts. You will find Share and grow. Click and in the comment box, tell the world about your post. Make it clear what prompted you to write it. Do not put the link of the post that inspired you here otherwise people will bypass you and go straight to it.

Since you already put that link in your post, if people read it, they will see it and click to read. Do you see how everybody gains? That is the web.

To give you an example, today I came across a very brilliant article that inspired me I believe this post will inspire many people. What do I do? I write a short post on my site about it, agreeing with what the author says, appreciating it and mentioning that the information given will help many people. I add that anyone interested can read the post on the site (I give the link). Then I go to the Share and Grow challenge page and leave information about this post. It does not have to be long but I include my link for anyone interested to come to my site. When they come to my site and read, they will then proceed to the post about which I wrote because they will find the link there. Easy, isn’t it?

This challenge shall be ongoing. I am aware that it will take a while for people to get into it fully but it will come. You can start immediately. Every day you shall find on this site a post titled SHARE AND GROW CHALLENGE. It could be share and grow challenge number one, two, three … one hundred etc. This post is for you to enjoy of course, but also to use the comment box to write about your post and also see what others have shared there that can be of benefit to you.

The whole idea is to make sharing of information and knowledge a beneficial means of growing our blogs. You never can know where more traffic can lead you to.
If you read and at first you do not understand, take time and make sure you understand it. There is no use rushing over what can transform your blogging and at the same time wanting to have more traffic. I want to assure you that this will grow into a big challenge. Make sure you benefit from it.

Now I invite you to begin. Make sure that what you share to others is of good quality. Do not recommend a post which people will not find up to anything. They will distrust you and whatever you tell them, they will not believe you.

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