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If you are visiting this site for the first time or if you are an old friend to this site but are not yet aware, this site for now has three activities. I Call them three at a go; all meant to help you grow your blog.

Every normal blogger likes to have more visitors to their blog; but sincerely, it is not easy. I had to put my thinking machinery to work to come up with activities that can enhance the growth of our blogs. I am happy to say that I landed on three superb activities that I am proud of.

I advise you to take time and read them and see which one you would like to participate in. You can participate in all three. That will only be for your good. The activities are win-win activities in the sense that you help others to grow and others help you to grow.

You are required to register for the first challenge. You can learn more about it and register at Solidarity Support Challenge.

Learn about the share and grow challenge and participate. To participate in this challenge go to the comment box and do it. If you have any doubts, worries or questions, express them in the comment box. With time everything will improve.

Details about the other challenge can be found at Weekly blog Review Challenge. Take time and read about this also. It can be very interesting and enriching. It is always a joy for me to review the blogs of fellow bloggers. You will enjoy it too when you begin to do it.

My experience with participating in a challenge is often when you read the rules for the first time, they always seem very hard. If you take time and read a second and a third time, you will see how easy and exciting it is. Therefore, do not feel discouraged if you find it hard to understand what to do at the start. Only persist. The result of such persistence will be joy.

Please, do not allow any discouraging thoughts or messages to stop you from participating. When you read about them, of course, many thoughts will come to your mind. They may be positive or negative. Send away the negative ones. Keep only the positive ones. Negative thoughts are killers of dreams. Let no negative thought in your mind kill this activity as far as you are concerned.

Many blessings to you.


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  1. Wow they seem really interesting and I m looking forward to try them! That’s a really good initiative. I have a challenge called The Topic Thingy for the same purpose. Goodluck!

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