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Another opportunity to grow in blogging

If you are an older blogger, would you like many new  bloggers to be visiting your site to draw inspiration and support from you? Register in this forum. We want to draw many new bloggers to this forum to benefit from inspiration and support from older bloggers.

If you are a new blogger, you will certainly like to benefit from older bloggers who have a supportive spirit. Register in this forum where you will find older bloggers easily to mix with.

Having been here for a while, I have found that many bloggers are very supportive. I am encouraging such kind, benevolent bloggers to come into this forum for newer bloggers to easily find them and benefit from their support.

This forum is for both older bloggers who are willing to support newer bloggers and newer bloggers who wish to benefit from the support of older bloggers.

How shall we operate?

We shall open our register (the comment box below) for interested old and new bloggers to register. We shall encourage members to support one another. Newer bloggers will visit older bloggers and older bloggers will visit newer bloggers. That alone is enough support.

This is different from Solidarity Support Forum. In this one we do not put up a daily list. It is older and newer bloggers looking for best ways to support one another. One day you may visit one blogger the next you visit twenty. It is left to you.

If you are looking for experienced bloggers to support you, visit their blogs. They shall be encouraged to pay attention to newer members in need of help.

Who is old and who is new?

Each one decides for themselves. You may be new but are able to help an older blogger. The bottom line is Supportive Bloggers’s Forum will be a forum where you will find bloggers who are wiling to support each other.

If you want to be introduced to young bloggers who need someone to journey with them, and encourage them, register in list A.

If you want to be introduced to bloggers who are willing to help you grow your blog, register in List B.

The truth is Supportive Blogger’s Forum will end up being that forum where both old and new bloggers get support. Hence, register now. If you have registered in the Solidarity Support Forum, that should not stop you from registering here. In fact, it will be just superb to benefit from the two forums.

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