Who is Kwazimo Aya?

Kwazimo Aya was born in the small village of Ejasim in the outskirts of Adnemad, half a century back. He has thus burned fifty birthday candles; a wonderful blessing that he does not want to take for granted. He says again and again that many people are dying before they attain the age of forty, and having jumped the half-century mark, he has no intention of sparing any effort to thank God for it.

Aya is a God-fearing man; same like his wife, Ngwembong. You shall know more about her later. What I like you to know at this moment is, like her husband, her faith is very strong. The two of them are deeply in love with each other. They believe in marriage; and hold strongly that the best way to have a good world is to build good marriages which will bring about good families. Thus, they spend a lot of their time working on their marriage. In addition, they help other couples especially those who have difficulties in their marriages. This is far from meaning that their own marriage is a bed of roses. In fact, their marriage is best described as a bed of thorns (to be continued).

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