The fear of speaking in public

Timidity was my stock-in-trade when I was young. You just cannot imagine how I used to behave! Do you know how scared a rat would be if it suddenly found itself within the reach of a cat? That was how scared I used to be each time I was called upon to address a large audience. I would sweet from head to toes; and this would go on until the D-day had come and gone.

Whenever I organized an occasion, I would let my friend speak for me.

Fortunately, things changed. I overcame my timidity and became confident of myself. Today, I can speak anywhere in the world no matter how large the audience may be.

You can do same if you take time and train yourself in the art of Public speaking. From experience, a mastery of your subject will give you confidence to speak anywhere to anyone.

My advice is don’t be afraid to speak in public. Rather, seek occasions to do so. You will become used to it.

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Are you comfortable in front of people, or does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide in the bathroom? Why?

19 thoughts on “The fear of speaking in public

  1. Hi Mr. Romanus,

    I enjoyed reading this.

    While I wasn’t timid as a child, I had a stutter that made me very nervous when I had to speak to people, so I had a dreadful phobia for public speaking. In truth, I was more afraid of people’s judgement than I was of the actual speaking. πŸ˜€

    I guess as one grows older, they find the courage to face their fears, I have learned to manage my stutter and my confidence has grown with my self-awareness. I speak publicly with ease now.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. How timely! I will be speaking at my church next Tuesday for our Women’s group. My first time doing anything like this and I am a bit nervous! After this I will challenge myself to seek more opportunities because I believe God is calling me higher! Thanks for this:-)

    • I am happy to hear this. What you need to do is to muster courage each time you have to go out and speak. Know that many of those who speak so well and look so confident might be more scared than you but always muster courage and when they do they appear to be all confident. Secondly, when you put in your mind that God is with you helping and guiding you, you will be courageous. God wants you to be strong and use your voice to serve him. You cannot fail him

  3. Confidence grows with age and realizing that you really have nothing to fear from other people. They will have their own opinions and if what you say , you say with conviction and from a place of truth and wisdom, then your public speaking can only flow from a place of ease. 😊

  4. I am afraid to speak in front of people. I think it’s because I am afraid that people will tell me I’m wrong, or fight against what I have to say. I also don’t have a lot of confidence I guess, because I am always analyzing who I am and who I should be. It is good to get your voice out there though. We are all significant.

    • You can overcome your fear of speaking in public. Many people who speak confidently today were not able to do so yesterday. They worked on themselves and overcame their fear. You can do same. The best way to overcome your fear is to take a resolution about speaking in public and respect it. Resolve to seize every occasion to speak; and let nothing deter you from speaking.

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