Death’s hard knock

When death knocks, who can refuse to open? Death is unpredictable. It comes when it wants; when we humans do not want.

Some deaths are shattering. Have you ever had a death that almost blew off your brains? Some deaths have brought about other deaths. No one wants any loved one to die. Yet, we cannot stop it from happening. We humans have no control over when death comes to us.

Death knocks when it wants; and its knocks can be had.

If we take good care of ourselves, for sure, we will enhance our chances of living for long; but that will not give us control over when we will die. Many very careful people have died too young while some reckless ones have lived into ripe old age.

Life is far from being like traditional mathematics. In traditional mathematics, 2 + 2 = 4. In life 2 + 2 is not always 4. Illness is not death and death is not illness. There some people who are so ill at this moment that close ones are afraid they would die; yet they will not die. On the other hand, there are people who are bustling with health, energy and promise now but who will be gone before the end of the day.

I know many people who looked very promising; but ended up disappointing everybody by their untimely death. There are people who swim in wealth who will not live to enjoy it; and people who have nothing to eat who will live for long.

About one year ago, a friend of mine had a stroke. Before then he was the most active man you cold imagine. Then one day, from nowhere, click; it happened. He was paralyzed. A lot of people felt sorry for him and thought he would soon die.

He has not died. He is still alive, whereas some of those who were waiting for him to die and who bustled with health have died.

Life is a mystery from start to finish. You are not responsible for coming into this world neither are you responsible for leaving it. You cannot say when you will die. You cannot say because you are ill you will die. You cannot say because you have a lot of money you will not die; or because you are president or Pope you will not die. It’s God and God alone who decides. Being sick is no reason to think that you will die. Illness is not death; and you do not need to be ill before you die.

You will go as you came. You will die when a force greater than you, whom we call God, will decide that your time is up just as he decided that your time to come here had come and you came.

You need to develop a positive attitude towards death. You do not have to be afraid of death. After all, its knocks may be hard but who knows what happens after someone dies? Maybe the dead person goes into a better world. No one knows.


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  1. The Bible say Absence from the body in the presence of God.. When Jesus return we who belong to him will caught up in the sky Him.. Jesus conquered death and the grave.. so I don’t fear death..
    This was very well written..

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