How was your day today no 1

Evaluation is a worthwhile exercise, isn’t it? We cannot just be going without stopping to look at what we are doing or have been doing. If we evaluate, we can see whether we need to work harder, relax, seek support, advice, change course, or continue on the same path.

Some people will have time to evaluate their day or share some of their day’s experiences. Some will not. We want to provide those who have time and enjoy doing it the forum to share with fellow bloggers their day.

You will be surprised to see the sharing, love and fun that this will generate. This is particularly good for members of the Solidarity Support Forum. Here you can say whether or not you did all the assignments; whether you enjoyed it; whether you gained anything from it.

Let’s just meet here every evening and share our day.


25 thoughts on “How was your day today no 1

  1. It was a busy, tiring day, but I got to meet a friend and actually used my day off. Met a friend and had Asian lunch, then played Badminton. Helped my flat mate loading his car, then went to gym and just was on the phone when I saw your like and then checked out this blog.

  2. My day today is going to be very scary. It marks the beginning of my second year of college and my first exam of the semester. Wish me luck! *Shivers*
    Hope you all have a good day today, or are having a good day, depending upon your time zone. 😃

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  8. Hi there friend! What a wonderful idea. I just have a question though. We are on different time zones so it is 8:49pm Pacific time zone now which is evening time for me. I want to take part in this but want to post at the right time or does that matter? Does this start today? Will you have a certain title or tag that will be easy to find in my reader? Thanks

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  10. I had fun visiting each person’s blog. I did encounter the challenge of no “like” box, but did leave likes and comments where I could.
    Here’s to the adventures of Day #2!

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  12. Today was a calm day and I met some very nice bloggers and saw very nice and inspirational posts. Thank you for this opportunity to meet each other and discover some great blogs and posts! Blessings! ☺

  13. Today has been relaxing and stressful at different moments, fulfilling because I got to get away to exercise and have a little bit of “me” time, and just overall so thankful that I am alive and healthy enough to spend the most valued time with my loved ones! 🙂

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