Solidarity Support Challenge day 2


Dear loving friends, we hope you enjoyed day 1. You are pioneers. Bravo! Let’s make it fun. Whatever we do is as good as we make it. Thanks for being family.

A few things to observe. Some of the blog addresses aren’t active. Please verify and make sure your blog can be accessed through the url you have given. If you did not give yours there shall be no way to get to your blog to like and comment.

Some themes do not have the like button or comment box. It is better to have a theme that has both to facilitate things for participants.

I noticed that some of you love sharing on this exercise at the end of it. That is encouraging. You can share here in the comment box when you are done with the assignment of the day to let the others know you are done. That can encourage fellow participants.

Also, We have created a possibility for those who may like to come together at the end of the day to share how the day went. It is called How was your day today. This can be fun, isn’t it? We are birds of a feather flocking together.

We love you and want to give you our best. Keep shining!

Here are the bloggers and blogs of the day.

1. Carolina

2. Deanne
Deanneโ€™s World

3. timelesswhee

4. Soul Gifts
2 hourssoulgifts

5. roach59

38 thoughts on “Solidarity Support Challenge day 2

  1. Mr. Success Inspirer, You certainly inspire me.
    I have visited the sites of the day each day and I’m simply amazed at this wonderful idea you presented. I’m sooooooo glad I joined and am making the best of the many new friends I am making. Kudos to your best friend/wife on her latest accomplishment. Great job!

  2. Hi there Ngobesing from Eureka, California! Your love reaches all the way here!!! Finally done with all five and following all five liked and commented! I even decided to follow one with a niche’ I am not really interested in but I did like the way she worded stuff and her artistic abilities so I followed to learn new thing. Thanks for hosting!

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  4. The like and comment buttons are available to all themes, They must be activated, and I don’t remember how I did it for Scott’s Place.

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