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We have worked out how to make the Weekly Blog Review Challenge a most thrilling activity. Never forget dear friend, that our heart’s desire is seeking the best for everybody. We want to see everyone we come across a happy, joyous, and successful person, making the most of their opportunities and talents.

Now that the Solidarity Support Challenge and the How was your day today challenge are going on smoothly and much enjoyed by those who participate in it, we  turn our attention to the Weekly blog Review Challenge to organize it. You will love and enjoy this challenge.

You can take part in all the challenges. So do not have any hesitation to register for this challenge if you are doing the other two.

You can already register. We’ll publish details of how this challenge will run. Have no fear that it will be time consuming because it will not be.

To register:

  1. Write your name in the comment box.
  2. Add the words “I am in”.
  3. Add your blog Url or address.
  4. Please, check to make sure your blog address is correct.

We love you

37 thoughts on “This will thrill you: REGISTER NOW!

  1. I am in! Can I ask one thing? Can you look into making up a tag we can use to easily track your posts and others relating to each challenge. I don’t want to get confused and link the wrong thing and my reader (others too I am sure) is bogged down with blogs I follow. If you had a tag like I do the Solidarity challenge…..maybe you can use #solidchallenge for twitter followers and the same here at wordpress without the # then I can set the tag up and click on it and each days posts on it will show in my reader and nothing else… would be so very helpful. If you can’t that is ok too….I will try and keep it all straight…..

    My link

    Always a fan….Annette

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