How was your day today No 5

How was your day today becomes a real chat forum.

Come here to chat with fellow bloggers. Seek and give advice. Compliment. Find people to share with for the day. Invite new and old friends to your site/blog.

Here we tell each other about our day. How was your day today? Did you write a post you would like us to read?

Did you answer today’s challenge? Did you find something on the web you would like to share. You may want to compliment someone even behind their back. They may find it. Or if you include their address, we would look for them and tell them.

You may need some advice or have some advice to give somebody or everybody. Why not do it here? You want to send a card to somebody? Do it here. Did you come across a quote you are burning to share. Do it here if you do not want to do it on your blog.

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You can share any other thing you have in mind. Is there some friend you are thinking fondly of? If such a friend were to come to this page, what message would like to give them?


15 thoughts on “How was your day today No 5

  1. Actually, I’m not doing very well keeping up with five blogs at all. Some I haven’t posted in in over a year. I’ve decided I need to simplify life a little and combine them into one. I can combine them ointo one and probably have better success. I’ve seen other people with one blog with varying subjects they write about.

  2. Good morning everyone. I’ve had a good but busy day today. I woke up this morning and spent a short time with the the
    Lord. But at least I started the day with the Lord and I read a bit in proverbs every morning and ask God for wisdom.

    Later, I and Mom went to the !ladies Bible study. That is such an encouragement to me.

    I later took mom around and drove her to pick up some medicine. We also stopped by the dollar store and got a few groceries. Mom is getting at the age where she doesn’t get around that well so today I drove her around and helped her with the errands.

    Also gave both the dogs a bath.

    Checked the mail and got two new books on crazy quilting and some fabric. Like to order things on line for my business because its fun to get things in the mail.

    Just finished watching a great movie with my grown 22 yr. Old son about Jesus and football. I was glad he did good and picked out such a great movie!

    I think I’m going to finish up the day with some positive reading…..”Enjoying where your at on the way to where your going” by Joyce Meyers.

    Need some advice. I don’t have much time to post. I have about five blogs. Should I combine them into one or just leave them the way they are?


  3. My day was quiet. I got lots of little things done. Actually, I planned it that way: I have a piano and voice recital tomorrow. I like to go into those rested.
    James, have a good trip home.

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