No more crash landing

I wish I had known
That you would steal my heart,
And shatter it to pieces,
As you have done;
I would never have opened
Its doors to you,
As I have done;
I failed to read the writing
On the wall;
Or rather, I should say,
I wrongly read the writing on the wall;
I saw love overflowing
Where there was no love;
I saw you so much like the nectar
I had been longing for;
So I went in for you head and toes;
But see where I am today, deep in mud;
How I wish I had known this was how things
Would turn out to be.
I would have avoided this crash landing
That I have done.
I need to be much wiser;
And more prudent;
That I may not crash land again.

6 thoughts on “No more crash landing

    • You made me smile Carl. Thank you. I would love you to participate in any of the challenges. They are very easy; and I believe rewarding. No obligation however; though it’ll be a great joy to have you in.

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