How was your day today No. 7

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Talk to other bloggers.
Tell how some post touched you.
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Say the challenges and thrills of the day.
Are you happy or sad?
Say something to somebody.

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15 thoughts on “How was your day today No. 7

  1. Well, I am winding up my day and it really is day 8 Feb 17/2016 just for about 30 minutes now so I figured it would be ok for me to jump in.
    My day has been long. I am having problems well I am not two of my kids are and I am emotional about it. It is out of my hands now. I can just be there for them. One lives far away and he needs me too. I just can only be there via phone or video chat. That is hard too.
    I was productive today on my blog. Tended to the dog. Was civil to my ex. Dealt with a lot of pain today and mental issues too. But, I just tredge on….my evening has been quiet and I am getting sleepy. Good day to all and I hope to see this in my reader tomorrow…

    It has not been coming up each day in my reader. So, I just came to your site and found it. Is anyone else having the same problem?

  2. Overall, my day was wonderful: I finally got help in setting up my keyboard and computer so that I can compose music; I picked up an application for graduate school – This would be my third Masters degree but it isn’t anything like the first two: It would be in creative writing. Wow! I can’t believe I’m thinking of university again!!
    I read a sad and troubling post today. I did write a comment and hope the author takes me up on what I said.
    Meanwhile, tomorrow is my birthday: I’m going out to lunch…then playing in Portland this weekend. I haven’t been there to play for exactly 4 years.
    It was nice today, so I planted two rose bushes…in pots, as I expect to move sometime this spring, so can’t put things in the ground.
    I guess I feel sunny, just like the day.

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