Ina Vukic inspires

Has anything inspired you today?

If nothing has, don’t worry. I found some thing that will warm your heart and fire you up. They are the words of a Croatian writer and tireless fighter for justice and the rights of the Croatian people, Ina Vukic. She says, “If your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough.”

Ina (PhD) lives and works in Australia and writes incisive articles on the goings on in her motherland. As I perused her inspiring article, If your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough, the timeless words of Olympic Games medal winner, Janica Kostelic greeted me warmly:

“Not to give up and always chase your dreams is the right formula. The reward will always come, even if it comes in some other form than we have hoped for.”

You maybe interested in drawing more inspiration from Ina’s post and blog. That would be fine. Take a walk to If your dreams don’t scare you they’r not big enough. Ina is a powerful writer and hardly fails to capture and impress her readers.

Best wishes.

10 thoughts on “Ina Vukic inspires

  1. In my opinion, Ms. Vukic holds radical, dangerous nationalistic views. She has expressed sympathy and support for the Nazi Allied Ustashe, WWII criminals responsible for the genocide and murder of more than 500,000 people. There are examples on all sides, but her neo nazi expressions are a warning against blind, inhumane nationalism. Those are my two cents on my readings of Ms. Vukics works…

  2. In reply, I have a quote by Yoncci Cho for you:
    “Who should draw a plan for ones’s life? It is when you have a plan in your heart or dream; it becomes a drawing for your own future.

    If you have a small dream for life, then you will have a small life, but if you dream a big dream; then you will have a big life.”

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