A tip for dealing successfully with the opposite sex many people don’t know

IMG_20151226_155626Do you know a tip for dealing successfully with people of the opposite sex that you believe many people don’t know? If you do, I invite you to share it with the rest of us.

Why am I making this request? The reason is I see too many broken marriages; too many broken relationships; too many problems between husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends. My conclusion is that there is something that people are missing in dealing with the opposite sex.

Tessa_img004That is why I am asking if you were asked to put your finger on the one most common cause of breakage in male-female relationship, be it boyfriend-girlfriend or husband-wife, what would you say?

I have seen husband and wife and boyfriend and girlfriend who are both very good – kind, understanding, prayerful etc, but who are unable to live together or stay in relationship. They are torn apart by squabbles.

IMG_20151111_171924Who is not tired of the rate of divorce in the world?

Let’s put our heads together and see how far we can go to advise ourselves to be more successful and happier in our marriages or female-male relationships.

You may think your idea does not count. I say this is not true. Do not minimize your idea or ideas. Your idea does count. That may be where the solution to this whole problem lies.

If you are looking forward to marrying, what is it that you will detest the most coming from your spouse or in your spouse?

If you are married, what is it that you detest the most in your spouse and which if it continues your marriage is most likely to end in divorce?

If you are divorced, what was it that you could not stand in your spouse that your marriage had to hit its head hard on the rocks?IMG_20151118_131609

34 thoughts on “A tip for dealing successfully with the opposite sex many people don’t know

  1. Ed and I find a quiet spot to eat, and we go back on special occasions. It is our out of the way place, and we think of it when we want to celebrate a birthday, or anniversary. It is expensive, but we only go there on special days.

  2. Trust, honesty and respect is lacking in today’s relationships…and on top of that, quality time……which people dont seem to have anymore….

  3. Hi friend!

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  4. I agree with Katie. Men don’t treat women as if we’re stupid and you are a genius. Don’t run the whole show. Let us have a say in matters too. Don’t play games with us. I got so many head games from my ex. He was/is a narcissist.

  5. I will be really simple with this one. Treat people of the opposite sex like you want to be treated. There is no ‘women are from Venus, men are from Mars’, everybody deserves respect. So that’s it.

  6. My tip: one needs to remember each other as a person. A person with flaws, a person who makes mistakes, a person who can not read the other’s mind, a person on a journey or path which might take a totally different turn then the other would expect, a person who is a child of God, a person who will have good and bad days, a person. If we can remember we are all just A PERSON. No one can fill another person’s needs, desires, hopes, dreams and be all to them. There is really only one and only one who can do this for everyone our Lord Jesus Christ. After all, we are just A PERSON. Blessings to you today, my friend. 🙂

  7. Hi, Ngobesing, I’ll answer this personally and professionally. I was a psychotherapist for 26 years and saw plenty of couples. My biggest piece of advice? Start with the relationship you have with yourself. If you are healthy, you will choose healthier people as friends and spouses. If you are already married, agree to build on the things that are strong and healthy; see what can be done with the things that can be tweeked. Most of all, forgive, starting with yourself.

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