Don’t fear; you will love it

This is intriguing! It’s hard to understand. Registration for the Weekly Blog Review has been very timid; whereas I hoped it would be the best activity on my blog.

I guess there is fear that it could be a demanding exercise.I want to assure everybody it will not be demanding at all. Have no fear, friends. You will love it and it shall be rewarding.

What does this challenge entail?

We’ll have one participant as the Reviewer of the Week. This person will have one whole week to do one of the following:

  • Review a member’s blog;
  • Profile a blogger (especially one of the participants in the challenge).
  • Review a post (preferably by another participant).

The reviewer publishes the review or profile on their site. The challenge host that I am will invite the other participants to visit this site, read and comment.

Not difficult or is it?

It’s easy to review a blog, a post or to profile a blogger. It can be a long or short review or profile. It could be many paragraphs or just a few sentences. Something short like this or like this. If you like it to be much longer, no problem. There is no one way that you are required to do a review here.

A post can inspire you to write another post like this. Go ahead and do it and make it interesting and useful to the reader.

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