Be careful with the truth

Be careful with the truth;
A coat of two colors, it wears;
Whether this is true or false,
Is the big question that many ask;
Is every truth good to be told?
Something to think about;
Is there a time to tell the truth;
And a time not to tell the truth?
Isn’t there a time when to tell a lie
Is better than to tell the truth?
We hear it said;
The truth is bitter, but must be told;
How true; and how false?
While some say the truth will set us free
Others say the truth many times enslaves us;
While some say the truth is gentle and good;
Others say at times the truth is harsh and cruel;
While some say the truth always saves;
There are those who say the truth often kills.
Thus, the truth wears a coat of two colors.
And so one has to be careful
What one does with the truth.
What is your take?

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