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If you were to have a frank heart-to-heart chat with your spouse, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or best friend, what would you tell them to stop doing because they devastate you, hurt you or jeopardize your relationship?

Do you have the courage to face your spouse or lover to say the things they  are doing that put you on your nerves or do you die in silence because you lack the courage.?

What five things should a man never do to a woman? Should a woman never do to a man in marriage? In relationship?



7 thoughts on “Relationship

  1. A man should never hit his woman or talk bad about her body neither in public or private. You should be able to trust him to keep a secerete too. If you hear a man bashing his ex girlfriend about how “fat” she is etc….leave him because he will do it to you too. A man should never talk bad about his woman to anyone period.

  2. The top things that I can think of, there should never be any violence, of any kind. No cheating on one another, no lying, no taking advantage of each other, and no gender-bashing.

  3. Well, I am going to briefly touch question two and kinda three. I was with my ex for 25 years. I stayed silent and remained silent on most all matters in our lives. He physically and mentally abused me and at first and for many years after I did not know it was wrong. I felt deep down then that he was sorry and would not do it again or he would change. Well, 4 years ago I got the courage to finally leave. (tried once before but came back) So, I did not have the courage to talk to him about it or anything else. Abuse both physically and mentally should not be done to any other human being on this earth. I know that now. I love myself today and it is a wonderful journey of myself that I am on. Hope this helps?

    Always you friend,

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