Who says it matters

Who says it matters.
Who says it matters? (emphasis on ‘matters’).
Who says it matters? (emphasis on ‘it’ and ‘matters’).

You can ponder on this. But this is not what this post is about. Let me tell you what this post is about.

This post is about the fact that the importance attached to words or a statement is determined by the importance of the person who says them; and the occasion during which they are said.

As a reporter, I have written and delivered many reflections on different topics on radio. Many times,in my reflections, I have quoted the African saying, “When two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.”

Before the president of my country visited my region once, I wrote a reflection and delivered which carried this adage. Many people had never known this before and so it was quite popular. But when the president came, (my region is the opposition stronghold), the Mayor, in welcoming him made the same statement, referring to the fight between the him and his challenger for power and influence(incumbent and opposition).

There was an explosion. The adage was on every lip as if it were being heard for the first time.

When you are in a position of prominence, what you say matters. When you say it also matters. If another person says the same thing, it might be dismissed; but not you.

Write a post on a popular topic now and let a celebrity write the same post using the same words and his may go viral while your may not even be noticed.

Why do I say all this?

Because I like us to draw some lesson or lessons from it. I like us to put our heads together and see what lesson or lessons can come out of this for our benefit as bloggers and as people in search of success in life or in search of the best in life.

What ideas come to your mind?

If that does not inspire you, go back and say something about this how you understand it:
Who says it matters.
Who says it matters? (emphasis on ‘matters’).
Who says it matters? (emphasis on ‘it’ and ‘matters’).


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