How was your day today? No 10

I know you can guess how I feel seeing the way things are working out for us. We are working hard and the results are comforting. This is our wish for you – that your hard work be abundantly rewarded.

Many fellow bloggers continue to report that they are doing great. Yesterday was fantastic indeed for many. Some reported low moments. Did you give a word to encourage anyone? Do not minimize what your support can do. Encouragement can do wonders for people. On the comment box here you may find people who need to be supported, encouraged, or complimented. Please do something for them.

If you need support yourself do not hesitate to let fellow bloggers know. It may also happen that you have made a good stride in your endeavors to achieve your dream. Tell us. You deserve a compliment.

I almost forgot. I hit the top of the chat yesterday with my interview published on her blog by the prolific Indian author Sharmishtha Basu. I was overjoyed. I am waiting for your words of encouragement or do I say compliment?

Don’t forget this is our Daily Chat Forum. Help make it work. As you help others, that is how you will get help from others.

We have new participants in the Solidarity Support Challenge. Registration continues for the Happy birthday challenge. This is a very exciting one. I have not yet registered, you can do it here.

If you have written a post you feel strongly about and would like somebody to look at it, say it here. Here, we are family. If you are not having enough people visiting your site, launch a public invitation here.

Also use this forum to practise to write catchy comments. This could spark off great writing skills in you.

Many blessings to you.


14 thoughts on “How was your day today? No 10

  1. Hello, all!
    I am having a fun day: I am at my sister’s home in Portland, Oregon. We did some shopping; then went out to dinner. This is my first vacation in exactly four years. I had no idea how badly I needed one.
    Annette, may your pain be relieved; may peace and comfort enfold you like a soft blanket.
    Ngobesing, congratulations on your interview!

  2. I was doing good today…..until I went to an estate sale. It was in a nice house filled with wonderful and expensive treasures and luxurious furnishings. They were selling the house too….for almost $500,000. I said, “who can afford a house anymore?”. Then I realized how vain life can be….if you focus on the here and now and not the future. I like going to estate sales but I didn’t like it today. It just made me realize how short life is. Someday if and when I die will people i dont know be rummaging through my stuff? What’s left of my brief existence? I hope I will store up treasures in heaven because we can take nothing with us once we die.

  3. Sorry you are feeling such pain Annette. I certainly can sympathize with you, but today I will Pray for you. My pain is less and has been over a week. The Fibro is sleeping don’t wake it up, and the rest of the pain is bearable. God bless you!

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  5. Hello, Congrats on your post being featured!! Clapping my hands with joy for you my friend!
    My day has been painful (live with chronic pain)! But, I had a few chances today to say something nice about a few people on my blog that I follow. It is random acts of kindness week and I think they were randomly kind to me in very special ways. Everyone that has commented or liked or followed me and my blog I wished I could thank personally in a public forum. I want to shout your guys names and say THANK YOU! So, I sit here finishing up some stuff and came accross this in my reader. (my reader has been messing up and have not seen all my fav blogs) I was glad to find it. Just stopped in to say hi and wish you and all your loyal fans good blessings and big virtual hugs passing your way now. Feel the love surround you….Peace forever….Annette

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