Solidarity support challenge day 13

Welcome to our new participants.  We thank those of you who visited them and welcomed them. Some of them have already started participating and informed me about it. To refresh your memories, these are:


2. meloheart

3. Katie

We mistakenly listed an old participant when we first published this list. Well, it does not hurt.

Let’s move on to our bloggers of the day.


1. lifehelps
2. zwesto
3. AnecdotesOfSuccess
4.Mliae site url:
5. Gradmama2011
(Wonderland Is a State of Mind)

All participants are required to visit all the bloggers or blogs of the day, like and comment on their posts. Bloggers of the day return the visit; the like and the comment (support me, I support you). We believe in the integrity of our participants.

If you are new, you can participate but make sure you sign in here so as to be enlisted as a blogger of the day at an appropriate time.

Participants are encouraged to freely visit the other participants and make friends. At the end of the day, you may like to share your day with fellow participants. Walk over to How was your day today no 10.If you hit this link and it does not work, come back. It means it has not been activate and will be done later.

If you feel like encouraging the host of this challenge that I am, like this page or comment. No obligation; but it will make me happy.

Please, let’s communicate. If you are enjoying it, let us know, otherwise we think of how to make it better. We love that you have fun blogging and see your stats go up.

Have a great day blogging!


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