The possibility of reincarnation

To believe or not to believe in reincarnation is a big question. How can anyone prove that there is reincarnation? We can only assume. It is hard to understand how this can be possible. Yet, that is no reason to say it is not a possibility.

Many things are hard to understand but they are real. Who understands how the creator of the world came into existence? No one will ever do; and this is just one of millions of things we do not understand about life but which are real.

It seems there is no limit to the things that are possible in the universe. Something may actually be impossible today just because we do not understand it, but will be tomorrow. If we do not understand how reincarnation can be possible today, we may do tomorrow; or future generations may do.

To dismiss the theory of reincarnation with a wave of the hand simply because we do not understand how it can happen does not seem wise. I would rather recommend prudence. If it exists fine; if it doesn’t, fine. We are not the creators of the universe; so how can we be so categorical about what is possible and what is not?

My stand, therefore, is reincarnation is a possibility.

Does this make sense?

Karma Chameleon
Reincarnation: do you believe in it?


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