Bound forever by love

When the idea for this poem first came to my mind, the first word that I used in the title was ‘Together’ not ‘forever’.

When I finished writing something told me that I should change ‘together’ to ‘forever’. I did, both in the title and in the body of the poem. It was not an easy decision, however. Two voices battled in me. While one told me ‘forever’ was better, the other said it was ‘together’. In the end, the ‘forever’ voice carried the day. That is why you find ‘forever’ in the title and body of the poem.

Do you think that settled the matter? Not at ll. I continue to ask myself which of these two words is better. Something is telling me that I should replace all the forevers with together.

This is where I need your advice. Is this poem okay with the word ‘forever’ or I should change all the forevers to’together’?

Bound forever by love;

Even if from each other
We are far away,
We are
Bound forever by love.

Even if many things make us
different from each other,
We are
Bound forever by love.

Even if you speak a language
I do not understand,
And i speak a language
You do not understand,
We are
Bound together by love.

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