Week 1 assignment 2 Tuesday prompt for Live Your Dream Life course

We are happy that many of you have started following the Live Your Dream Life Course Week 1. This week is the introduction which will be here for you all week. We advice that you read it very well, in fact, over and over, and understand how you shall be expected to work. Read with an open mind to learn what is here.

There will be knowledge packed full but you have to let it pass through you. Here is the prompt to today’s assignment:

“You can achieve anything you desire with all your heart and work with all your might to achieve.”

You will find this quote in my book The Wonders of Wisdom. Many authors have written on this. Do you agree or disagree. Comment or blog on it. If you write a post on it, send us the link. We’ll invite fellow participants to read it.


6 thoughts on “Week 1 assignment 2 Tuesday prompt for Live Your Dream Life course

  1. So true. People laughed at me all through beauty school. I was determined I was going to finish…..with a 4.0 grade point average. Sometimes I worked alone sometimes I had no partner sometimes i did. Few people encouraged me. A lot of girls bragged about not having to study. All of the girls who started with me either got pregnant, got dropped from goofing off or not showing up, or just quit. I worked my rear off, studied at 4:00am or sometimes all weekend or all week. I took my manicans home and practiced. I practiced at home everything I learned in prep. for state board exams. Over and over and over while I timed myself. At state boards I finished the haircut while other people were only half through! And I graduated with a 4.0 and got my beauty license. And in
    the US beaticians make real good money. Even shampoo techs do pretty well.

  2. I completely agree!! I had failed my first semester of RN school by 1 point. I cried, and tried my hardest to drown in my sorrow, until I got a phone call saying that I was accepted back into the program for the next semester (this rarely happens) and from then on I worked my BUTT off to pass! It took a lot of time, dedication, and hard work, but I did it!

    • Knowledge is important and hard work pays. The fact that you cried when you failed shows the importance you attached to what you were doing. Because you considered it important you worked hard and success followed. Knowledge is important; and hard work pays.

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