Butchered for love

Have you ever heard that someone is butchered to death for love? It’s common where I live.

Once a young man butchered the girl he had been pinning his hopes on for marriage. He had invested in her education since her parents were too poor to sponsor her in school. Thus, the young girl was lifted from grass to grace.

The tragedy began when she obtained the certificates that she wanted.She no longer considered the young man good enough for her. As she openly boasted, she had found his betters and their plans could no longer stand. She would marry someone of her educational standing.

At first, the boy thought it momentary insanity. But soon, it became clear she meant every word she said.

Unable to control his anger, the young man in question found himself hatching a plan to do away with her life and his. It did not take long when the fateful day came and his diabolic plan was execute to the shock and consternation of the public.

Stunning tragedies like this abound. The question that begs for an answer is should a boy kill a girl and take away his own life because she has disappointed him and preferred another boy?

What is your take on this?

16 thoughts on “Butchered for love

  1. What a tragic tale. Sadly, had the boy been better educated, perhaps he would have seen that the girl was an opportunist. She used his money for her education and then saw him as not worthy. In the end they both lost their lives. Sad.

    • Really. Thanks for bringing out some of the issues here. The boy’s lack of education is a factor; not just book learning but having an educated heart. Had he had an educated heart and mind, he would have known how to handle the situation in a way that would not be catastrophic. The girl on her part was dishonest, and as you say, an opportunist, and not tactful. Maybe she took the boy for granted. I think many lessons come out of this.

  2. Umm, it may be just a matter of cultural differences here, but to me there is no question. Killing someone is always wrong. And no matter what you have done for someone else, you are never entitled to anything in return. You may have expectations that if you do something for someone they will do something else in return. But they are individuals who make their own decisions, and you can never control someone else.

    From your description it sounds as though the girl used the boy, and that seems cruel. But in no way does it even begin to warrant that sort of response.

    • Thank you Zombie. What I did not say was the boy was a taxi driver and generally where I live taxi drivers are not highly regarded. You do not need a college degree to become a taxi driver. In this particular case, the boy was a school drop out but had made money through hard work. Hence, when the girl became a graduate, she did not see how she could become the wife of someone who could hardly read and write.

    • This actually has happened in my community many times Erika. I like us to share on this to enlighten ourselves. Of course, my position is clear as that of Zombie but I like to know what others think. By the way, I saw you sent me a mail but right now my mail box is not opening. I keep going to check. I am anxious to read what you’ve written; and to know if you’ve met.

  3. Wow! an eye opening post. I love it. Now the point is we have to clearly make a difference between what is right and what unfortunately happens some of the times. By all standards and on all counts, there is no justification for taking a way somebody’s life not even your own. This alone means the boy was categorically wrong not to say bedeviled.

    At the same time, we have to watch over what we do and say. We can’t control how the people around us will react to what we say reasons why we have to give it our all when making sensitive statements and taking decisions. Very few people in the boy’s position will be able to control their rage and you know anger is a perfect form of madness. It can take you to levels where you regret for the rest of your life and that is if you go through alive.

    In the girl’s place, I wouldn’t act so thoughtless. There are much better ways to have said and done the same thing without pushing the boy to the heights of anger.

    • I think your reasoning is sound Anecdotes. I know a story that started going in the same direction but ended well because of the way the girl handled it. When she realized that her heart had shifted, she went in for a peaceful way of handling the issue. Her parents were brought in; so too were the parents of the boy; and together they worked things out. Anger was reduced and damage was eliminated. Hence the way the matter is handled matters.

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