A fellow blogger inspires

This post exemplifies the fruit of inspiration generated by a post on a fellow blogger’s site.

The Pace of Relevancy is the title of the post in question written and published in The World Thru My Eyes,  Macbofishbil, in response to the daily prompt, Pace Oddity, of 25 February 2016. This is what inspired me to write this post.

The pace of Relevancy talks about the alarming technological advancement in our modern world. Two things have captured my attention – the reality of a fast moving world and how from humble beginnings some sites have developed into giants.

The truth in the author’s words about how fast modern communication technology is advancing, hits you when you read:

“Anything that was popular a year ago has already gone past people’s minds. If you want to stay on top, you have to keep working, or else you fade into the past.”

I like this; and agree with it fully.

What he says about “the way popular websites have grown and changed over the years… channels (like Smosh and PewDiePie)… started out from humble beginnings…” but are doing great today also caught my attention.

The whole article triggered thinking in my mind and transported me to giants like Facebook and WordPress which did not start off where they are today, but like many legends in the world, they had very humble beginnings.

The pace of Relevancy elicits a challenging question: are the giants of the world today the last giants that the world will know? Of course, not. What rings through in Macbofishbil’s post and which resonates strongly with me is the fact that the best is still to come. But that will only be to those who will be up on their feet and sprinting forward else they are left behind.

Even more gripping in this post is a subtle message of the possibility of anyone getting to the winning point eventually through hard work.

This brings me to the essence of my reflection. You may just be starting your blog on a modest footing, but it could become one of the sensations of tomorrow under the condition that you work very hard. Since the world is moving fast, only those who will keep the pace will be noticed. The rest will get drowned in the crowd.

You may want to visit The pace of Relevancy. That would be a great decision. I want to thank Macbofishbil for sharing his post.

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