How was your day today? No 17 Speak out!

Keep talking, sharing and speaking out. There are timid people and eloquent people. This a place for eloquent people who know how to speak. If you know how to speak, share and encourage others to share. Remember ‘share and grow’.


2 thoughts on “How was your day today? No 17 Speak out!

  1. Actually not been feeling well the past few days. Sometimes I get that way. I saw a wonderful movie about Jesus that led me to pray for three or four hours. Then I felt depressed after it. Well I guess I didn’t feel like I thought I should have after the prayer and that put me in the Mullie grubs. I just realized how less important material things are and how more important letting the Lord being my everything is. Can’t fill the gab all at once by a three hour prayer. Got to remember Jesus is a person and a friend and need to treat him that way.

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