Solidarity support challenge day 20

Hello friends! here comes day 20.


1. Gradmama2011
(Wonderland Is a State of Mind)


3. lifehelps

4. AnecdotesOfSuccess

5. zwesto

Visit all five blogs, read and leave comments. You may encourage the host if you like by liking this page.
New participants are welcome. Give your name and your blog url in the comment box.

12 thoughts on “Solidarity support challenge day 20

  1. Hello Nobesing, I am so sorry I think I will have to pull out of this. I am not able to keep up with the five post thing every day, and am so far behind now I won’t be able to catch up. Thank you for all your energy and initiatives. I wish you ongoing success with this. Every blessing 🙂

        • I hope we’ll find a way to make it less tedious and more interesting and beneficial so you rejoin. I hate to lose the company of a sweet person like you. For now I think we should take off Week ends to let participants have a little space.

          • Thank you. This last month has been full on as I had to redo all the images in all of my blog posts, having accidentally deleted them all. This on top of 201 and all the usual stuff. Still playing catch up !

            • I really understand you. I am getting opinion on how to make this challenge less tedious for everybody like posting only five blogs of the week on Monday for the whole week so that someone who is able to, will do all five on Monday and that will be done for the week instead of twenty-five or thirty blogs to visit a week spread out all week. What do you think?

              • That sounds much more do-able. If you move to that, I’m happy to continue. I don’t want to commit to something that I can’t deliver, and also means letting others down. Let me know.

                • Many are thinking on these lines and since the challenge is meant to be a joy and not a burden, we have to consider what the majority likes. I hope you’ll check Monday morning to see what decision we come up with. Thanks for your good will. Many blessings.

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