Week 1 assignment 6 Saturday prompt for Live Your Dream Life course

There is no particular assignment today. Use this day to look at all that you did this week on this course. Do some evaluation. Did you get anything new, even if it was small? Were your expectations met? Do you look forward to week 2? Let us know what you think. That will help us get things better for you.

Never forget that great things sometimes have very humble beginnings. I am not sure that all of you liked it but I am sure that many of you liked it. That gives me joy and confidence to move on.

Tell us what you think and get ready to move on to week 2. Happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “Week 1 assignment 6 Saturday prompt for Live Your Dream Life course

  1. To be honest, I did not know what to expect and was a little doubtful. But after the first lesson I was encouraged to keep trying to loose weight, to go for my next 20 lbs. I was so complacent and ready to give up. For a while I did. But then I read something like “whether or not you think you can your right.”. It was Henry Ford who said something like that, the man who put a car into almost every American’s driveway. So, in addition, I was inspired to keep going forward with my business and you know, people keep coming to me asking me to make things for them. I get such joy out of creating. I’ve now written goals for myself both for my business and for weight loss. I need to also write goals for my relationship with the Lord.

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