What do you think?

We are looking into our challenges/activities(Solidarity Support Challenge, Happy Birthday Challenge, How was your day? Speak out! Live your Dream Life Course, Weekly blog Review etc), to see what impact they are creating, what we can change or improve.

Is the load here too much for you? Are things okay as we are going? Tell us what you think. We want nothing but the best for you and with your help that is what we’ll give.

Don’t hesitate to criticize. We are open to criticism. That helps us grow.

If you have any suggestions that can help us improve what we are doing and the way we are doing it, you are welcome.

Let us hear from you.


10 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. Thanks a lot for all your efforts Mr. Romanus.
    It has not been possible for me to follow the challenges religiously. May I suggest one blog a day for the Solidarity Challenge?
    I have met many wonderful people through the challenge!

  2. These challenges are wonderful to connect people and discover new Blogs I had great connections so far. I am participating to The Solidarity Challenge only cause my time is limited and sometimes I don’t get to visit all the blogs every day. Maybe a possible solution would be to post the daily list of 5 Blogs every other day or reduce to 3 Blogs daily maybe that help to get more people engaged to this great challenge.

  3. I find that I don’t get to everybody’s blog every day, sometimes because I have too much to do in life. That means I miss some of the daily things on success and such. One thing I would like is a summary at the end of the week, possibly with the links to challenges and daily things I likely missed.
    Otherwise, there is plenty to learn and do.

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