Solidarity support challenge day 21

Welcome to Day 21 of our Solidarity Support Challenge. We skipped Sunday to allow you to take a rest and bounce back today.

We have been listening to you because we want this challenge to be a really enjoyable experience for all who participate in it. We do not want it to stress you up.

Many people think that visiting five blogs a day is not easy. To make it okay for everybody, let’s bring it to one. We’ll select the blog of the day and the rest of us will visit it.

Meanwhile, the full list of participants is here. Visit as many other blogs as you like; but take note that to visit the blog of the day is compulsory for participants.



Visit, read like and leave a comment.


2. zwesto
3, AlluringEby
4. SpiritualJourney17
5. Majka
6. Carolina
7. Deanne
Deanne’s World

8. timelesswhee

9. Soul Gifts
2 hourssoulgifts

10. roach59

11. lifehelps
12. zwesto
13. AnecdotesOfSuccess
14.Mliae site url:
15. Gradmama2011
(Wonderland Is a State of Mind)

16. jade0207
17. lovehappily
18. Nicole Martin
19. cjstorm
20.. Heart of Refuge

21. Tessa
24. Shiva Malekopmath
25. Erika Kind

26. Lean Not Unto My Own Understanding
27. Nena

Yentl Lega | Health + Balance + Beauty

28. sharmishtha basu
29. simpledimple
30. nananettie1969

31. Lifehelps
33. vidishakaushik
34.Myan Tres
35. Kah Choon

36. Amanda

37. theutopiauniverse

38. Ameena’s Musings

39. jsackmom

40. Jackie Jain

41. manyofus1980

42. meloheart  Paramita

43. Katie

44. Miss Kymmie


You can still register and participate.

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