My favorite blog challenge

How does it work?

You register.
A list of participants is dawn up.
Every week, from among the participants, the host of the challenge chooses the WEEKLY BLOGGER ON DUTY from among the participants.
This weekly blogger on duty chooses from among the participants their FAVORITE BLOGGER for the day and writes a brief post on him/her or their blog.

EXAMPLE: My favorite blogger for this week is SUCCESS INSPIRER. This blog is run by Ngobesing Romanus. I like the way Success Inspirer inspires and motivates readers to achieve their dreams. I invite you to visit this lovely site.” (give url of site).

All the participants visit that favorite blog and congratulate them on being the favorite blog for the week.

If 20 bloggers are participating, they all visit the favorite blog.

Shall this enable us to make new friends? I guess.

Register now. Are you in or out? If you are in, say your name and give your blog url.

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