No one is an island

No one is an island;
No one lives alone;
No one will make it alone;
We need to be connected;
We need one another;
The more connected we are,
The better for us;
How connected are you?
I know a friend who is well connected;
A connection in every continent
Makes you a man of the world.
Get connected!
No one is an island;
No one lives alone;
No one can make it alone.

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7 thoughts on “No one is an island

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  2. For a long time my ex husband kept us away from the church, being discouraged from all that calls itself the church out there. That hurt more than anything. Then he devorced me and isolated me from the children. And he said that very thing, “You have to be an island.”. But your right. We can’t be an island. We need others, even those some are ridiculous. There are wheat amoung the tares and that is why I don’t give up.

  3. connection on every continent…. brag worthy… impressive. Not as valued as a true friend on every hand. Loved your poem statement. Just adding a thought.

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