How was your day today? No 22 Speak out!

Hello friends!

I hope you had a great week-end and have a lot to share with us. It was a very busy one for me as I attended some meetings and gave talks in a number of places. In all, I enjoyed it.

How was yours? Don’t forget there is joy in sharing. Let’s hear how things went for you; and what you found worth speaking out about. Did you hear about the death of Nancy Reagan? I think she was a great woman.

Let’s hear from you. Great day! Happy blogging!

14 thoughts on “How was your day today? No 22 Speak out!

  1. My day yesterday went pretty well. Since we don’t have a car at the present we met in the home for worship. I disagreed with the pastor on something and maybe I shouldn’t have. I just get tired of certain doctrines and the scare tactics people use to get you to believe them. We’re discouraged from thinking out of the norm and have to sit by and nod our heads to everything the priest says. Well, not me. Most people respect formal education and are intimidated by it. But we parted with good spirits and I did not feel burdened afterwards except for speaking out as a woman, which shouldn’t be done when the church comes together.

  2. Hi everyone! I have been away because of a arm injury as a result of tripping over my own two feet!!! LOL!! So, I am way behind and have been playing catch up. The A to Z challenge is coming up soon. It will be my first year to attend it. I have read nothing but great things about it and how it increased many of the participants following in a major way. This and many other things are making me jump out of my comfort zone and try something challenging and new. But, I have so many mental issues that I am correcting or working on right now. I have a constant voice telling me I will fail in whatever I am doing. My main focus is training my brain to rethink in a positive way.

    My problem with 2 of my son’s and my only grandson continue and I am now finding out that I can not control the issues they are dealing with. I can’t make the hurt go away or put a bandaide on it so to speak. I am hurting for my little grandson so badly I ache to hold him and know with my own eyes he is ok…..

    Other than outside drama I remain on my forward corse of self improvement. My spirits are high and I don’t have as many low times in my head either. Tips/tools/love/support and all the good things the blogsphere has given me are amazing. I am glad I started blogging by accident when I downloaded what I thought was a app to write or journal in. That was mid december now 230 followers later and a first time purchase of a laptop I am here… how amazing life is with it’s twist and turns.

    Wishing you and your family well always my friend, Annette

  3. My day was a bit hard and sad, after a really fun, encouraging week. I had to make a difficult decision today: While I am currently remaining in my current Church fellowship, I will stop going on Sunday Mornings. The details are long and arduous, so I won’t get into them. This has been coming for a long time.
    On a happier note, I have almost everything done for my application to graduate school. I am excited about that.

    • Bravo as you will soon graduate. You have definitely worked hard and it is but normal that your effort be crowned with success. As for the difficult decision you’ve had to take, if you do it with God it will always be the best decision. Many blessings to you.

  4. Been a very hectic couple of weeks. We’re looking for new faculty, so I was caught up in itineraries, hotel accommodations, tours, and ensuring easy transitions between people and places. I can finally relax, NOT! Have to get my work up to speed before I leave on my 2 week vacation. 2 weeks: I will be unplugged from WP and all social mediums. Hope I will have lots to blog about upon my return :). Happy Blogging Romanus!

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