The race for the White House

Hillary Sanders,
Who will be the pilot
In the Democratic combat plane?
This is what Americans want to know;
And not only Americans,
But the world as well;
Shall it be Hillary?
Or shall it be Sanders?
Democrats, tell us;
Who shall be you General at the battle front?
To face the one who’ll Trump the others
On the Republican side?
And everyone’s wondering
Shall that be a Trump
Or shall that a Ted Cruz?
Trump is trumping on the Republican side;
And if it’s a Trump and not a Cruz Ted,
Shall he still trump
Or shall he be trumped in the final dwell?


2 thoughts on “The race for the White House

  1. Eight or four years ago I could’ve answered your question without hesitation, but this time around I don’t much care for any of the candidates running. I haven’t followed any of the debates. I don’t know what anyone stands for, well maybe except for Sanders, and he’s way pass the left. I don’t know how he will pass any of the things he’s proposing. President Obama tried, but Congress blocked him at every turn. Then when he tried to go it alone (e.g. more background checks for gun buyers, etc.), he was called a dictator. How will Bernie Sanders fare? Will Hillary Clinton fare any better in the White House? I’m keeping out of politics this time around. Too much name calling, and none of the issues the country face are being addressed. That’s just my opinion, but maybe others see things differently.

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