I can’t pay women

I can never pay women for all they’ve done for me;
Starting with my sweet mother;
It’s incredible what she did for me;
What she went through to do what she did for me.
What prompted you mother?
When I recall how naughty I sometimes was,
But you never gave up on me;
You strained and stressed
Just for me to be fine;
And I haven’t done anything to express my gratitude;
What a sweet soul you are!
And you sweet wife;
You have a heart made of gold;
You chose me of everybody in the whole wide world;
And on me you pour your love;
And you my sweet daughters;
God has blessed me with you;
You just can’t imagine what you’re doing
To me just by being the sweet girls that you are;
How can I be blind to the blessing that you are?
Oh sweet women!
On this women’s day accept our love;
Accept our gratitude.
Lovely women’s day!
Love and happiness all year round.

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