How to get wisdom; Live Your Dream Life Course, week 3 day 3

We have seen that wisdom is important for us to succeed. The question that remains to be answered is how we get wisdom. That is what we are going to see today.

The first thing is it is God who gives wisdom. All wisdom comes from God. Wisdom is with Him forever.

“The Lord himself created wisdom; he saw her and recognized her value, and so he filled everything he made with wisdom. “ (Sir. 1:9-10).

God gives some measure of wisdom to everyone; but if you love Him, He will pour it out to you.
“He gave some measure of wisdom to everyone, but poured her out to those who love him.” (Sir.1:9-10)
The Bible states:
“To fear the Lord is the root of Wisdom…” (Sir. 1: 20). Fear here means love, acknowledgement and acceptance of the Lord as the Supreme; the Alpha and the Omega; the king of the universe.

Obedience to God also gives wisdom. “If you want to be wise, keep the Lord’s command and he will give you wisdom in abundance.” (Sir.1:26)

Pray for wisdom and God will give it to you. Saint James says, “If any of you lacks wisdom you should pray to God who will give it to you.” James 1: 5).

Wisdom is a gift of God. According to an anonymous writer, we “can buy education but wisdom is a gift of God.”

Wisdom is available to all.
“…those who love her and look for her can easily find her. She is quick to make herself known to anyone who desires her. Get up in the morning to find her and you will have no problem. You will find her sitting at your door” (Wis.6:12-14). “It is not reserved for some people. You have as good a chance as any other person to acquire it” (Wis. 6: 12-14).

Go earnestly for wisdom.
One reason King Solomon received wisdom from God was he earnestly asked for it. When you ask God for wisdom, do so earnestly, not half-heartedly; “Go looking for her, and she will reveal herself to you. Take hold of her and don’t let her go” (Sir. 24: 2-7). Run after her “like a hunter looking for game.”(Sir. 14: 22).

In short, work hard to find wisdom “as a farmer works to plow and sow the fields; then you can expect a good harvest. You will have to work at it for a while, but you will soon be enjoying what you have earned.” (Sir. 6: 6-19).

Wisdom is available to all. God is ready to give it to you; but it will not come as manna from heaven. You have to labor patiently and persistently for it in prayer and faith. As the old saying goes, nothing worthwhile comes easily in life. God will give it to you if you deserve it by working for it.

1. Give in bullet points the various ways we can gain wisdom as stated in this post.
2. In what other way can one acquire wisdom?


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    • Thank you Jojo! That is what some people say. Others say knowing God is the beginning of all wisdom. Haha! The two are not far from each other. Aren’t we created in the image and likeness of God? Have a nice great day.

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