How was your day today? No 25 Speak out!

Hello friend!

You must have noticed my absence for the last few days? I am sorry about that. I talked about it in my first post today.

Many things have suffered as a result of this absence. I want to see how we can catch up. Do you have anything to share? You must have much on these many days. We are all ears.

Thanks for your kind understanding.

4 thoughts on “How was your day today? No 25 Speak out!

  1. Wanted to go somewhere today. Been wanting to move into a house. Found this older house that needs a little TLC. It has spacious rooms and a fireplace in the den, nice large closets, a two car garage and a huge backyard! But I have to convince Mom that we need *this* house. The lease will be a little bit tight, but there is an owner finance possibility that might work out. I’m excited about it! I don’t think we’ll find another like it. Got son coming home from military and other son living with parents and i . we need a nice big home.

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