We are helpless

Oh death!
Nobody wants you;
You know nobody;
You know not who to take;
And who not to take;
How do you leave so many poor people,
And take rich men?
Look at people who have nothing to eat!
Look at people who are living in misery!
Look at people who are sick and tired of sickness!
You leave them and take those who have;
Those who are bustling with life;
Do you have any logic?
Oh Death!
You are so unrealistic;
So unpredictable;
Coming when you are least expected;
When no one wants you;
Yet you don’t care an iota.
You have your agenda;
And follow it to the letter;
Caring not what anyone thinks;
Neither whether it makes one happy or sad.
Oh Death!
Nobody likes you.
How can we get rid of you?
We are helpless.

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