I don’t understand Americans any more

I am not sure I understand Americans anymore;
Truly, I am at a loss;
Tell me:
What do Americans stand for?
This election (2016) makes me confused;
Have they departed from the great ideals
That won for them the admiration of the world?
Who represents the American heart and mind?
Is it Hillary, Sanders, Trump or Cruz?
Wonders shall never end!
I can’t believe what I see;
The writing on the wall;
That the ones who give me reason
To go for the best
Are going for what they are going?
I have not understood;
Would someone, please explain things to me!
What is happening in America?
In the GOP?
Where is America taking the world to
Through this election?
Is it the wrong path or the right path?
Tell me if you know!


21 thoughts on “I don’t understand Americans any more

  1. My angle. You will not hear from many Trump supporters but here is where I stand on that issue. For many years people have seen their own welfare being put to the side while more and more “equality” issues come forward with people afraid to speak up. We are so politically correct that some things are just mind boggling! We can do almost nothing to defend ourselves against charges of religious, ethnic, gender, and many other classes who demand special rights. (Such as making judgment about whom we will rent our houses to.) The national debt has gone from 14 trillion to 20 trillion before Obama leaves office. Many in our elite universities are pits of social screamings and sex pools. Our families are disintegrating. Schools are teaching our little kiddies that they have the right to choose whether to be boys or girls.

    Hillary will change nothing; Bernie will run out of money quickly; Cruz will “stick to his principles” but not be able to persuade anyone to go along with him. Kasick is probably pretty good, smart, and experienced but lacking support. Rubio was fine until he decided to be an establishment man. Carson is a darling who was not taken seriously. Where you going to go? I’ll take my chances with Trump, hoping mightily that he will do what he says he will do, believing he has too much personal pride to turn on his followers. Hoping for someone who can negotiate some kind of sense back into our government. Many of my Christian family and friends say, “How can you vote for Trump when he talks like he does?” I say, “God used Nebuchadnezzar. He knows how to make a king recognize his (God’s) rule over nations. Probably he can take care of Trump.” Sadly, I’m afraid it is true that Americans do not stand for what they used to stand for: God, Country, Family.

    • Thank you very much for your views. You openness on this issue and knowledge of the candidates is inspiring. I respect your stand for Trump even though I do not go for him. I like the energy and confidence he brings on the table but differ with him on many other issues. But as we say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Let’s see what others will say. Nice day to you.

  2. One of my ponderances is, how can we find a larger audience? Sindicated columns maybe? If I could get just one message out to American voters, it would be to seek vision and wisdom; make your desires known everywhere from politicians to people on the streets. The real way to solve problems and build a stronger world is to work together. Okay, I’ll stay off my soapbox!

  3. It’s really quite sad to see the petty bickering going on here in the US. More problematic is the way we’re falling back to the use of violence during disagreements. There are far more diplomatic ways to solve issues if we simply take the time to listen with a constructive mindset. Unfortunately at this point we seem mostly to listen with the intent to attack some point of view or further our own causes.

    Past history in the US has shown that we reach points like this where our society clashes with intense conflict. The Civil War being an example of the extreme where violence took place on a large scale. While I don’t think the US will rip itself apart in that manner, I do believe we’re in a critical time of upheaval where we need to make a choice to confront and deal with some very ugly issues such as systemic discrimination. We clearly need to bring about change to an unfair system. The most desirable outcome is where behaviors such as abuse of groups is replaced with a desire to work closer together to make an equitable scenario where no one is disadvantaged.

    On the positive side, the younger generation does seem to be more accepting than older generations. I see open minded youths who are questioning why situations where the abuse power still exists in a time when we have more social awareness than ever before. The future always rests with the younger generation but the future is certainly something everyone can work to change by involving ourselves in difficult discussions, taking appropriate actions to bring about positive change. Cooperation, it can be a wonderful thing if we find ways to make it work for everyone involved.

    Thanks for sharing an interesting post as well as inviting people to express their thoughts and ideas on the matter.

  4. As an American, I am losing heart witnessing the cataclysmic rise of the neo-fascist Trump. I am not a fan of Hillary either. I believe Bernie Sanders is the absolute best choice for president, but his victories and accomplishments have been all but erased by the media — a disgrace! Unfortunately in this country campaigns and candidates can be bought by the wealthy elites, and the rest of us pay the price. Trying to be hopeful, but it’s getting harder every day.

    • You just have to make your voice heard in your own way. As you express yourself here it is something. A contribution in terms of ideas to shape opinion should never be minimized. It’s like throwing a seed in the bush. You can’t say what it becomes.

  5. These are great questions in your post. I don’t understand it either. If only we could keep the politicians out of politics, put an average, capable American in the White House. I am sickened that Trump has even gotten this far. I am saddened that Hillary has also. I simply roll my eyes over Cruz. And Sanders might be the best of the bunch. Yet none of the candidates actually entirely represent what the average American stands for. We are forced to pick and chose, ignore some things while embracing others. Only wealthy, well-connected candidates can run, they are not representative of America, they represent only a few yet the rest of us must chose between them or have no say at all in who will lead us. But where it is they will lead us is not where we would like to go.

    • Thank you for your input. I think I like to hear more Americans speaking out on this issue, not bitterly but just like Americans focusing on ideas. When good people remain silent when things are going wrong, they become accomplices. Some people say they like to stay out of politics but I think we should have the courage to express our stand on any topic including politics except we are saying we are not free.

  6. I’m not sure that any of the leading candidates really express Americans’ values, hopes and dreams. I know that I read the news and wonder what on Earth is happening! There does seem to be an interesting tug-of-war between more traditional stances and the desire for new direction. Congress gets a bunch of the “credit:” They have not done a good job of listening to their constituants. This has left Americans feeling frustrated, angry, often afraid and a bit apathetic. That is one reason for the GOP’s lack of success in trying to put forth someone more to their liking. Hmmm, the establishment/status quo or new possibilities?
    My hope is that people will work through their anger, at least to the point where it fuels vision, hope and imagination so that we can build on positive things instead of negative ones.
    It is interesting to watch the primaries at this point: I know plenty of people who don’t like what is going on; it will be interesting to see if subsequent elections turn the tide at all.

    • Thank you for your input. I think the United States must not forget that millions of people around the world look up to her for the standards. Who the US believes in matters or places her trust in matters. It is not enough to talk strong or to make America rich. How that wealth is amassed matters. What we stand for matters. If the US fails to give leadership in terms of standing strong for positives values that build a strong, united world of love and solidarity, then the world will have to begin looking around for a new leader. The signals that will come out of this election shall be much stronger than many voters seem to realize if I go by the way they are voting.

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