Kah Choon’s blog (Solidarity Support Challenge day 32)


Our blog of the day is Kah Choon’s blog. The author of Kah Choon’s blog is Kah Choon, from Malaysia, currently working ‘as a research assistant focusing on Malaysian Chinese heritage and cultural studies. He has a bachelor’s in geography and likes to learn foreign languages, cultural differences and marine ecology conservation.” (cf.Kah Choon’s blog’s about page)

It is an interesting blog that “covers inspiration, education, application, and reflection on various topics…”

35. Kah Choon

I invite you to visit Kah Choon’s blog at: https://kahchoonblog.wordpress.com/

If you are new and interested in participating in this challenge, indicate in the comment box below giving your name and blog link.
Happy blogging.


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