Can Trump make America great again?

Can Donald Trump make America great again? This is a question on many lips.
Donald Trump is the front runner in the bid for the GOP nomination to run for President in November in The United States where he is likely to lurk horns with Hillary Clinton; unless Sanders, Clinton’s rival, removes a series of jokers in the weeks ahead.
A good question is if Trump wins his party’s nomination and wins in November, will he make America great again? His supporters definitely will say he will; but others think he will not; and in fact, believe that instead he is likely not only to drag America to destruction but the entire world.

Why do they think so; and how right or wrong are they? Watch out for our post on Donald Trump, US Presidential aspirant in the hours ahead.

6 thoughts on “Can Trump make America great again?

  1. No he will not make America great again. He is everything that (most) Americans are not. He cares only for his cronies (the 1%). I have never seen so much hate in my life. I’m only 26 but seeing people hate other religions, races and creeds is disturbing. What happened to compassion? What happened to the world? It’s scary times we are living in!

  2. No, he will destroy us and be out for himself. He is a dangerous person, mark my words. Now he is warning of “riots” if he does not receive the nomination. He is prompting his “followers” (they are not supporters, but ardent followers) to riot.

  3. I think Trump is in for a big surprise because he thinks he will make America great by simply being an aggressive negotiator with other countries. If he does make it to the Oval Office, I think his negative bluntness will stop working for him and the global economy will suffer. We need a president who is strong, understands humanity and truly has a good heart. Wow! If it’s not him, it will be the soulless, power hungry Hillary. But, I trust God so either way, we will move forward.

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