Love Talk (Solidarity Support Challenge day 33)


17. lovehappily

Do “you want to learn more about how to engage in a healthy relationship with your partner”? Visit our blog of the day: Love Talk. On this site, you will find topics that “center on the insignificant things that put a strain in a relationship, and how to safely navigate around them.”

The author of Love Talk is an Engineer with an MSc. in Metallurgical Engineering Department in a university in Germany, majoring in Materials Science of Steel.

Someone who loves to write and says “it’s the best way I sing.”

See what this prolific writer has authored:
Marry Me: How You Make Love to Me,
I Know Why You Broke Up with your Spouse,
White Man’s Footprint,
Ladies of The Woods.”

It is this author’s “quest to reach out to people” that gave birth to lovehappily@luvtalk

The blog is all about love. There is “a word of advise for anyone who wants to be happily in love.”

In keeping with our tradition, let all of us visit this lovely site, show them love and give them encouragement and support.

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