Nicole Martin (Solidarity Support Challenge day 34)


This is our blog of the day: and our blogger of the day is Nicole Martin.

18. Nicole Martin

Nicole Martin lives “in North Queensland, Australia-A beautiful part of the world literally bordered by The Great Barrier Reef and Tropical Rainforest.”

She is a nurse and says this profession has taught her many things: “Gratitude, patience and impatience, compassion and disregard, acceptance and non-acceptance-but mostly, the importance of self care.”

Nicole is blessed with two beautiful boys whom she adores as well as a husband whom she loves with all her heart. Hear her:

“My husband-I love you more than all the grains of sand, on all the beaches in the world, to the power of ten, multiplied by infinity”

Nicole would love to inspire you to “Be brave, be imperfect, be honest, be raw, be vulnerable, be controversial-lean over the precipice and challenge your limits.”

It’s always nice meeting and interacting with Nicole. Also, her blog is a lovely place to be.

It is my joy to invite all the sweeties participating in the Solidarity Support Challenge to do as always – visit this sweet blogger of the day; tell her you love her; read, like and comment.

Happy blogging!

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