The trump mind

Stop disgracing your country, Mr. Trump!
Stop disgracing the lovely people of your country!
Your nice country is admired the world over;
Because she stands for the most lofty ideals;
She promotes love,
Not hate;
She promotes peace,
Not violence,
She promotes unity,
Not disunity;
Where are you from Mr. Trump?
Your country is full of people with loving hearts;
Who like to see everyone happy;
Who work to bring people together;
Who stand by those weaker than them;
Where are you from?
You want to set fire on the world;
Why should we not call on your sweet people
To say no to Mr. Trump?
You do not reflect what your country stands for;
Yours is a great country with a great people who love;
Who unite; and who fight for peace;
Who reject anything that destroys the peace
Love and unity of the world.
Who reject the fruits of the trump mind.

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