cjstorm (Solidarity Support Challenge day 35)


Our blog of the day is The Cookie Jar. This site “promotes health, wellness and well-being through “in the news updates, healthy living, tips and tiny bites of inspiration.”

It is our joy to invite you to meet our participant number 19. cjstorm

If you like to know about this writer, I quote her: “CJ is a huge fan of quality family and friend time. She’s an optimist, realist and health promotions trainer/writer (Original St. Louis Healthy Living Examiner – SLHLE). By day she trains and advocates for victims and survivors of domestic violence & sexual assault. At night she doesn’t sleep…”
But why? If you visit her site, you may have this unveiled to you.

I enjoy he company of this dynamic blogger a great deal. She is always there. Thank you CJ. You are such a sweet friend.

I invite all the family of Solidarity Support Challenge to go to http://missouriadvocate.com/ read, like and comment.

3 thoughts on “cjstorm (Solidarity Support Challenge day 35)

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  2. Oh my! I’m so blown away! Thank you for introducing me to such a wonderfully supportive community/family! I’m grateful you added me to your list!


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